Tour Visit Shahu Poultry Shahapur (Kodoli).

Field Visits No : 07
Course Title : Pashsavardhan, Dugdh Vya., Kukutpalan Va Matsya Sheti.
Purpose of Visit : To get knowledge about Poultry Farming. 1. Egg production consists of separating poultry for meat and egg 2. vaccinations – medicines and veterinary visits;; 3. Mortality – loss of laying birds 4. The introduction of pure-bred, dual-purpose breeds
Place Of Visit : Shahu Poultry Shahapur (Kodoli).
Visited Class : First & Second Year Agricultural Polytechnic.
No. of students Participated : 50
Staff Accompanied : Prof. S. A. Kamble & V. S. Kondvilkar
Date of Visit : 21 November 2019
Spots Visited :  1. Office 2. Layer Bird Unit 3. Poultry Feed Production Unit 4. Egg Storage Unit
Office Layer Bird Unit