Department at a Glance

Department of Agril. Entomology one of the major department of agriculture stream which comes under the Plant Protection group. Entomology is one of the technical and systematic subject so having wide and huge scope in pesticide industry and different corporate sectors. This department is mainly concerned with the study of insects, Crop pests, Non insect pests and their management by using different techniques for increasing yield in terms of quantity as well as quality measures. This department having well established laboratory, Insect museum, Pesticide equipment’s, Various Charts and well-furnished infrastructure facilities.

Department involves in the pest management and monitoring practices on D. Y. P. farm. Establishment of variety of traps. Also involves in delivering expert lectures in various program as well as RAWE program for spreading knowledge to farmers as well as for students also. Expert’s works as subject matter specialist in module program. Department also give helping hands and guidance to students for preparation of various competitive exam like JRF, ICAR, MCAER, AO, Agri. MPSC etc.