Department at a Glance

Department of Agricultural Botany is a core department in B.Sc. Agriculture studies. This Department has state of art facilities for actual conduction of practical’s of all courses related to Plant Breeding, Genetics, Biotechnology, Crop Physiology, Environmental Sciences & Seed Technology as required for B.Sc. (Agri.) degree. Department is engaged in imparting theoretical as well as practical knowledge to the students. Department is actively involved in RAWE programme to share knowledge and create awareness among farmers and seed production programme under module to give actual practical knowledge to students.

Current Population of India is estimated to be more than 1.27 billion. India is most densely populated country in the world after china but it would be at top position within 2040 years. It would be very difficult to feed such a huge population in future. In this context knowledge of agricultural botany will be useful to increase the production.