From HOD’s Desk

Department of Agricultural Engineering has been helpful to bring about a significant improvement in agricultural productivity. Thus, there is strong need for mechanization of agricultural operations. The timeliness of operations has assumed greater significant in obtaining optimal yields from different crops, which has been possible by way of mechanization. In this department to study the various operations such as land levelling, irrigation, sowing and planting, use of fertilizers, plant protection, harvesting and threshing need a high degree of precision to increase the efficiency of the inputs and reduce the losses.

Department hassix well-equipped laboratories such as Farm Machinery and Power Engineering, Agricultural Process Engineering, Soil and Water Conservation Engineering, Irrigation and Drainage Engineering, Renewable Energy Sources Engineering & Computer Science. In addition to this, department offering seven courses in four year degree program. The college had appointed specialized and highly qualified staff in the above mentioned disciplines of agriculture engineering and technology. This has led to the improvement in the educational level of students due to detailed study of each and every aspect through the above disciplines of the college. Intern resulted in improvement of the student’s potential in different activities, such as technical education and scientific research.

Prof. Yogesh V. Patil

Assistant Professor & HOD